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Wedding portraits

You may be Princess in the cage or travel in the jungles.
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Add more dramatic shadows to change atmosphere
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Play with grunge style
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Or try to pose with industrial background
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Maybe you prefer to be diva on wedding portraits?
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or simply show your love
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Why do we love women?
We love them because they make all the little and stressful things around the house without bragging and asking for gratitude. Because they’re drawing and painting their faces with the concentrated attention of an inspired artist. Because they have Giacometti’s obsession for thinness. Because they have a way of solving problems and a way of thinking that drives you insane. Because they’re telling you that they love you when they love you less, like a compensation. Because they will never agree with you regarding the beauty of another woman. And last but not least, we simply love them because they exist. (Mircea Cartarescu)

What kind of wedding portraits you like most? Let me know and I'll show you it in my next photoshoot.
Always here for you, Elena (Owner of SoloStep Studio)

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