Wedding photography and videography

We are not creating only photographs, we creating happy clients.
Long way to become a recognized commercial photography studio in wedding photography and videography market is impossible without personality, team collaboration, and close relationships with clients

There are fundamental principles that always apply, we never forget these. Ultimately the aim has to be for somebody to do something; creativity is the lifeblood of our work; the idea is only the start of the execution; all great project has a great client. Remembering these fundamentals yet still being open to new ideas, new technology and new means of communication is what makes us and our clients happy. It allows us to be more effective, more cost-effective and to get the right results for you, whether your wedding is a five hundred guests Gala-dinner or a small wedding of your dream for twenty people only. We work hard for you and we love it. Our basic scope of services:

  • Pre-wedding photography / Videography
  • Actual wedding day photography / Videography
  • High-end photo retouching / Movie editing
  • Photo books and albums design / Printing
  • Make-up and hair styling / Jewelry styling
  • Bridal bouquets / Flowers decorations
  • Wedding gowns rent / Styling
  • Custom made bridesmaid dresses / Groomsman suits



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How to order

  1. Buy online

    Visit our online shop to choose your wedding photography and videography package. Do not forget to check valid discount code

  2. Book appointment

    Need consultation? Prepare your questions and book you appointment with us for two hours discussion. It's FREE

  3. Email us

    Planning two events or more? Send us email with your request for individual quotation and Family Budget Saver Plan

favorite locations

SoloStep Studio respect your time so we always saving time on transportation to shot as much photos for you as possible

To organize your wedding photo session better we monitoring new locations with nice decor, but we also have our favorite ones where we able to create three or four location's shoots in one place.

Two hours photo shoots at National Art Museum will cost you additional S$180, no advance booking requirements, you may come and pay at reception on the day of your photo session.  
Photo shoots at Botanic Gardens not limited by time and absolutely free of charge. Only one advise from SoloStep Studio: book us for working day, not for week-end! Week-ends and public holidays are very crowded.
Oh, what a beautiful place to do wedding photography and videography! But you need permission and prepare additional S$100 donation to the church. Two hours of your photo shoot will gone like a minute on this terrific background and sculptures.



We have several techniques that allow us to gather and understand all the necessary requirements for every project

so we can begin as prepared as possible with a clear understanding of the intended direction. Technology and equipment on our side, but You, yes! YOU! is a part of planning process: locations, looks, props, accessories, backgrounds. We like Christopher Columbus, we're on a mission of discovery. We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your goals.
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Capturing the essence of your wedding day in an artistic video that will retain its beauty for generations to come

We put forth maximum effort into understanding our clients. This allows us to create wedding videos that reflect the couple's spirit and love for one another in a unique and creative manner. Our team combines diligence and professionalism with abundant energy and originality, guaranteeing to capture both you and your loved one in the perfect light.
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Personalized printing styles, wide range of printing solutions, high-quality service by trusted Labs

Our Design and Printing services include invitation cards, premium photo books, flush-mount albums, posters, large format banners, framed wedding portraits, photo-souvenirs, and much more. We provide our customers with many opportunities for customization and wide variety of materials.

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