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Blissful Brides wedding magazine publications: Together into Creative Journey

SoloStep Studio Photography began with its founder and chief photographer Elena. Now SoloStep Studio is a team of great people and professionals. Elena is well known within Singapore photography community. She gained an exceptionally trustworthy reputation among her clients and partners.

Elena’s fondest aspiration is to engage her clients in a playful and artistic spirit that translates to photographs of exceptional character and professionalism. SoloStep Studio’s chief photographer is passionate about creative fashion photography. She practiced her skills in Europe and Korea and brought all her experience to Singapore. She infuses unique lighting techniques and magical tricks into wedding photo sessions to deliver brilliant breathtaking images.

Elena’s constant and unchanging goal is to achieve the highest quality results by working personally with each client. She takes the time to fully understand what is essential to every customer and then tirelessly works with individual solutions to express this goal. She especially likes to push her clients to their fullest range of emotions by utilizing tailor-made techniques that evoke qualities otherwise hidden from the view. Elena has established a signature style reflective of the individual spirit hidden within every project. SoloStep Studio promises to deliver nothing short of a polished professionalism in every shot.

Get ready to experiment and take shots that nobody seen before. Forget about dull and stereotypical photos. Join Elena in a creative journey.
Time spent with SoloStep Studio will be a part of your romantic memories, SoloStep Studio team will laugh and happily cry with you. Every time you open your wedding album your hearts will beat in unison over in over again. So keep your album in a red corner, this book of love and beauty is not for the closet.

Note that SoloStep Studio offers wedding gowns renting services, make-up and hairstyle.

No doubt you will return to SoloStep Studio for your family portraits.

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Awards and memberships

Awards and memberships SoloStep Studio is recognized by international photography community as a member and winner of many international and local awards . The studio listed as a preferred vendor at Blissful Brides Magazine, Ideal Weddings Magazine, Honey Brides (Honeycombers), and Expat Living Magazine. But truly speaking we prefer to impress our clients not by…
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