Actual wedding day

Actual wedding day

No photo shoot has the same kind of unique energy as an actual wedding day session. It is our utmost priority to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and to go to all the necessary lengths to get those perfect shots.We want to make portraits of you that are beautiful and real. We can wrangle a wedding party that has been drinking since breakfast just as well as we can be invisible when we need to capture a quiet moment. We've won awards and been published on several magazines, but the biggest goal that we can achieve is making our clients happy. Our team will provide you with nothing short of the best, with our high quality products, affordable prices, and fast delivery.
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  • Wedding Gala Dinner

    Wedding Gala Dinner

    Wedding Gala Dinner photography & videography at Fort Canning Hotel. Wedding Gala Dinner photography & videography for Sherilyn and Shabin , by SoloStep Studio…

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  • Wedding VOWs

    Wedding VOWs

    Unique wedding photography package. We are more then happy to create such an unique wedding photography package which combines traditional church ceremony at the…

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  • Yan and Bing at The Fullerton Hotel

    Yan and Bing at The Fullerton Hotel

    Wedding Cinematography Please check our wedding cinematography work for Yan and Bing's wedding at The Fullerton Hotel. Team of SoloStep Studio who worked on…

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  • Best wedding video

    Best wedding video

    Best wedding video I finally found the time to upload the best of Tanya and Giri's wedding footage for you to see. This lovely…

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  • Wedding photo album, SoloStep Studio

    Wedding photo album, SoloStep Studio

    Wedding photo album We created mixed wedding photo album for Yan and Bing by combination of pre-wedding and actual day wedding photoshoots. (c) SoloStep…

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  • Wedding charm

    Wedding charm

    Actual Day Wedding Photography :   Terrific background for your actual day wedding photography and videography is The Fullerton Hotel. Aseptically at New Year…

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  • Take her to church

    Take her to church

    Wedding videography 02 01 2016. The Title of King and Queen of fun and laugh goes to Yan and Bing. Morning high-lights of beautiful…

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    DESTINATION WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. Thinking of destination wedding photography for your Big Day? Planning to escape from civilization? Why not! We know each corner in…

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  • Bride’s room wedding photography

    Bride’s room wedding photography

    BTS wedding photography. Behind the scenes of the Tanya's and Giri's wedding. That is what was not included to the album, but we loves…

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