Actual wedding day morning highlights

Thank you and your team so much for helping to capture every beautiful moment! You guys are a great team to work with and we are super happy to have you there to share in our joy.
Check out wedding video here

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Sherilyn and Shabin, Sherilyn and Shabin 09/04/2016 wedding at Holy Trinity Church
04/10/2014 Studio pre wedding photoshoot.

Thanks for the lovely pics of our pre wedding photoshoot and for the wedding wishes! Much appreciated!

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You Wei and Shi Hui,

4/09/2015, wedding at Aquarius hotel, Sentosa

The photographer provided top quality photographs, encapsulating the very special and great occasion of our wedding. Her approach was extremely professional throughout and she was able to also provide a videographer which was key for quality synchronisation of tour wedding.
Her output of excellent photographs was surpassed by a beautiful presentation of our wedding album, a key souvenir which we will cherish for many generations to come.

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Tanya and Giri, client

02/01/2016 wedding at The Fullerton Hotel.
Two days of pre-wedding photoshoot at November 2015

Thank you Elena. We really appreciate that you and your team have done. it is a pleasure to work with you. Get will soon and God bless! have a great new 2016 year!

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Yan and Bing, client